Sports therapy involves a variety of safe and effective principles of fitness, athletic training and injury rehabilitation to help improve health fitness and performance. This can be done through massage, physical assessment, taping and strapping, fitness training and testing, electrical and thermal therapy and remedial exercise to help. It can help reduce muscle tension, reduce/stop pain, help correct posture, improve joint and muscle function and help the healing process. 


You do not have to be a sports person to benefit from sports therapy, it is a treatment that has benefits for everyone no matter what your lifestyle is.  


Techniques that may be used within a treatment include 

Acupressure for Muscle Activation 


Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology Static

Functional and Dynamic Postural Assessments Sports Massage techniques

Soft Tissue & Mobilisation Techniques 


Pre and post event Inter Event Comprehensive


Active and Passive Stretching


Soft Tissue Release


Trigger Point Therapy


Muscle Energy Techniques


Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation


Peripheral Joint Mobilisations Vertebral Mobilisations

Myofascial Release


Superficial and deep techniques


Postural re-alignment




Sports strapping and taping


Thermal & Cryotherapy Treatments


Clinical Examinations


Medical Acupuncture


SOAP Analysis Active, Passive & Resisted ROM


Muscle Testing Special Tests

Kinesiology Taping  Taping techniques for posture, injuries and rehabilitation

Electrotherapy Ultrasound